Tclshell "state checkout" could not checkout project

Hi there, i need to install ActiveTcl 8.6 on my machine to use DRAKON editor. It seems to be correctly installed, but my .tcl file is not doing anything when i try to open it as instructed. I’m thinking maybe I haven’t finished doing everything, and maybe it’s something to do with being unable to use the project I created. The below is what i see:

% state checkout KNAHnah-org/first-tcl-proj-knahnah
Checking out project: KNAHnah-org/first-tcl-proj-knahnah

█ Installing Runtime

Setting Up Runtime
Resolving Dependencies :heavy_check_mark: Done

█ Something Went Wrong

x Could not checkout this project.
x Could not install dependencies.
x Error setting up runtime.

█ Need More Help?
• Run → ‘state checkout --help’ for general help.
• Ask For Help → State Tool - ActiveState Community.
child process exited abnormally

You have installed the State Tool correctly, but the State Tool isn’t Tcl, and can’t install Tcl/Tk yet.

That latter issue is a UI/UX problem on our side. State Tool installer options should not be available for Tcl/Tk until it is possible to install that way.

Follow the instructions under the Download tab, which lets you complete installation using an EXE, MSI or tarball.