TCL & TouchDesigner

I have a problem that I need help with regarding an issue I have with making TCL compatible with touch designer. The problem that arises is that an artifact (f378713a-6a71-5521-a9b8-ece174a3050d) can not be installed even though I’m having the right permissions to install this artifact. Manual installation also doesn’t work, I’ve tried reinstalling touchdesigner multiple times but I still get the error “TCL isn’t properly installed”.

It’s the command on this website that I used to make TCL work after I’ve installed TCL :
Thanks for reading and possibly helping!

You will only see individual “artifacts” being installed if you are using the State Tool. Don’t use the State Tool to install Tcl. The State Tool cannot be used to install Tcl successfully yet.

Tcl needs to be installed using one of the classic MSI or exe format installers.