Sign up for the ActiveState Platform

Is this account the same as the user account I created for this site?
The state tool was downloaded and works, but do I need a specific account for state.
I have already installed a PERL bundle, and want to add one or more packages.


Hi Rob, it is the same account. You can now use the state tool anonymously to manage your local machine. You can use state install to add packages like state install DateTime. State install is exact match at the moment so you might need state search if the state tool can’t find the package you’re looking for. More information on using the state tool can be found here

Couple caveats you might want to run state update first if your state tool is old and to get the best experience use it with just Perl 5.32 we’re working on other versions and languages as we speak.

The account lets you setup a project on our platform which lets you

  • Manage your runtime through the web
  • Share your runtime easier between machines, co-workers or contributors (anyone with the state tool can just simply run state activate your-user/you-project.
  • Create runtimes on other operating systems
  • See build logs
  • Get emails about Version Updates and Vulnerabilities (coming soon)
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