Perl installation totally unclear


I installed ActiveState perl some days ago. I started the installation powershell snippet.
And it did something, Afterwards I had no idea

  • how it works
  • what it is
  • where it is
  • how I use it
  • how I can deinstall it
    Some hours on your site did not improve it.
    I ended up manually deleting all folders with “ActiveState” in its name. I hope,
    that my Registry is not overly screwed. Then I installed strawberry.

A disappointed user

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is directly related to your question. There are also details on the locations in the manuals for the State Tool, here:

Exactly same experience.
I have spent considerable time reading these forums and I still dont get how someone is supposed to use this on a server. This just seems to install perl in some user/environment context, etc.
What if I am simply want a perl installation on a server that any user who logs in can use, like the way it was with the old msi/exe installers?


I had the same experiences and I found it very confusing too! Especially for a longtime ActivePerl User/Developer.
Well, my simple understanding:
After installation you have created a development environment in you local User context.
To install this environment to you local machine for all users you do 'state deploy
This all is not very intuitive or straight forward. Especially the usage of the state tools gives me many questions… Example: How do I remove an installation?

I am also an ActivePerl user for many years. I was trying to upgrade my Perl version 12 and I have no idea what I done or how to remove it.


“state clean uninstall -f” just returns
Failed to stop running State Service process due to a timeout. Continuing anyway because --force flag was provided.

In the state folder I see binaries called services but can’t find them under running services on my Windows 10.

Please help me to remove “state” and let me install a new version of perl.exe.


After reboot I got a new directory called “C:\program” that contains a yml file. Something from Activestate that don’t use correct use of ‘"’ in Windows?
I can now run state clean uninstall with the result:
Deletion of State Tool has been scheduled.
But after a reboot all the crap is still there.
Please never try to be creative. Use Windows functions to install Perl.

So, How do I get rid of your crap?