Installation errors with "path must be an empty directory"

I can not intall perl at windows 11, too. The warning is “Installation path must be an empty directory” Where is this directory?

The installation path is:


Did you previously install the State Tool? It shouldn’t matter, but that could help us figure out what might have went wrong, as this sounds like a bug.

If you don’t mind could you share the contents of the above directory? Afterwards try deleting the directory and running the one liner again.

Note, for more information on installed files you can read:

Though all of that information is for troubleshooting purposes only. Under normal conditions you can delete all of those files by running state clean uninstall.

TNX, instalation runs ufb

The Installation run, and the “Projekt wambier.perl-5.36.0” has been activatet is the message.
I find on my computer only “C:\Users\Admin\Perl-5.36.0-Win10”
only “activestate.yaml” and “powershell”
What is wrong?

You answered a different question than you thought you were answering.

When you “activate” the Project folder is where the State Tool will store the configuration file for your project. This folder is somewhat like the folder that Git will create to manage a software project. It is not where the software will be installed.

When you “activate” you get no control over where the software is installed. It will be installed into a folder under you AppData folder. Only you will be able to access it there, and you can install multiple different projects without them interfering with each other or any software installed normally on the system. “activate” is for installing a development environment.

You probably wanted to “deploy” instead. Once you have the State Tool installed, you can “deploy” your project instead of “activating” it.