"state clean uninstall" resulting in error message

I’m honestly losing patience with this Perl distribution. I would like to uninstall the ActiveState Perl version 5.34.0 from my PC using the “state clean uninstall” command within cmd, instead I’m told:

Something Went Wrong
x Could not remove State Tool cache directory

Could you please advise on what do next to remove this program, and I don’t want to hear about manually deleting registry files.

Hi there, you could try manually deleting the cache directory and then running the uninstall again.

The cache directory differs based on your OS. Assuming you’re using Windows it should be at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\activestate\cache

Hello nathanr,

I’ve just done that and now when I run “state clean uninstall” the terminal returns the following message:
Deletion of State Tool has been scheduled.
To access the uninstall log please see: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\state-clean-uninstall033726875

However the state tool is still on my PC. Can you please tell me how to completely rid my computer of the active state tool and the associated Perl distribution. It’s not working as intended and personally speaking the process of uninstalling a computer programme should not require this much technical support.

Hi there, I’m sorry you’re having issues uninstalling. To manually uninstall, delete these directories:

  • %AppData%\..\Local\activestate\StateTool
  • %AppData%\..\Local\activestate\cache
  • %AppData%\ActiveState\cli-release

We don’t modify your registry except to add a few directories to your PATH. So to complete the removal simply drop any of the above mentioned directories from your PATH. Instructions on how to modify your PATH can be found here:

Add to the PATH on Windows 10 | Architect Ryan