Installation of ActivePerl is confusing, ending up deleting the yaml and now I am stuck

As far I remember that last time the installation of ActivePerl is really straight forward and user friendly. Now it is really causing me headache and I am not sure what I am doing now.

I have been a embedded programmer for over 20 years and this is the first time I am installing the activePerl in this new PC. I got the latest Perl Script and I have installed it. Unfortunately, I noticed that I was installing it into the wrong folder and I deleted it and thinking it can be easily installed into the right folder again… Oh God… Am I terribly wrong about that?? I am now in a limbo and no guidance, no help and stuck!!!

I read the forum and I found so many people fell into the same traps as I am… Can someone help me because I am in deep desperation for a solution??

No worries, you can just run the activate command again in the folder that you want it. You may want to run state clean cache so that it removes the cache for the project that was created in the wrong directory.