Can I use the runtime installation for IIS

Before the new state tool method, we just installed ActivePerl and set up IIS to use the perl.exe.

With this new runtime install, the perl.exe is installed in C:\Users\user\AppData…

When I add this path to IIS, I get a 401 error. I assume IIS doesnt have permissions. So is the solution to just add the permissions?

Or can the state tool add new packages to the traditional C:\Perl64 location?

Hi there, I’ll check in with the State Tool team and get back to you when I’ve got an answer.


You are correct. If a State Tool installer is used, a system service like IIS will be unable to access the virtual environment under a user’s folder. State Tool is intended as a developer environment.

For production use, a “classic” installer with MSI or Exe format will result in an installation to the traditional folders, and IIS can be configured so that it can use that folder. For testing and development of services running Perl the classic installer is also the way to proceed.

So how would I add packages/modules to a production type installation? Am I required to build another .exe or .msi installer package then re-deploy?

Correct. The State Tool can only add modules to builds installed with the State Tool and in a virtualized environment.