Activestate active perl failed to install state tool on the server ERROR: Failed to install multi-file update.: Could not run installer: exit status 1

Hello All

I am trying to install activestate activate perl v5.28 on the windows 2016 server using msi, it failed to install and got some weird error messages

Failed to install multi-file update.: Could not run installer

err: (PID 10032) Installer error: Unfortunately State Tool is not compatible with your version of Windows.

Thank you in advance for your help

State Tool is recommended for use on Windows 10 or 11 Desktops. Servers are often too locked down to be able to use it, and Windows 2016 is too old to run the State Tool. “activate” will only give you a single user runtime for the current user, and that’s probably exactly what you don’t want for a server anyway.

To put a runtime onto a server, we suggest using the State Tool on a Desktop, with the “deploy” command instead of the “activate” command. A deployed runtime can be copied to another system. Take note of the variables that the script reports having set when it completes and set them manually when you move the folder to a different system.

state deploy --help
will show the command syntax.

thank you ActiveState-Support for the response,

we need the state tool on the server to manage and create virtual runtime environments for the project and install the modules

is their any possible way to get it install on server,-please advise?

we have enterprise license for the active perl. Please provide the process to get the binaries for offline installation of statetool note: we cant use the powershell script do download and activate the binary as well. we need air gapped install

Thank you,

I can see from your account that you have not joined your Enterprise Organization.

That requires getting an invitation from the Administrator of your organization to join (via an email message sent to the email address registered for your account), and then accepting it. Until you join an organization with access to paid products, your account only has access to the free products and the offline installers you need are not available for free.

ALL accounts are free accounts, no matter what domain of the email address is. You can change the email address used for the account, and take it with you if you change employers. The Administrator has control over which accounts are invited, and can also remove accounts.