Downloading State Tool Failed

Hi, bro:

I executed state-remote-installer.exe in my cmd.exe many times, but failed, like this:

> state-remote-installer.exe

This will install the State Tool
Your use of the ActiveState Platform is subject to the Terms of Service.
You can review the Terms of Service at:

By continuing you accept the Terms of Service. Continue? (Y/n)

> Y

• Downloading State Tool version 0.43.0-SHA5e7e736... x Failed
█ Something Went Wrong

 x execute failed.

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How can I download ActiveState Perl by state-remote-installer.exe?


We have been able to reproduce this error on our side, which appears to be a network error. Typically, it comes from trying to do the install shortly after starting your system. Our install initially failed, and then 2 minutes later succeeded. Please retry the install and let us know if it works.

One other thing you can try is to set your error messages to verbose before running the state-remote-installer.exe command, which might give you more information.