Something confusing about Perl Download

It is my first time to download in this way.

I copy this to cmd and run it according to the tips. But it failed.

Then I try to download the State Tool from Install the State Tool: ActiveState Platform's CLI tool.

And I find it also need to copy.

I try to copy this to cmd. And It still shows “preparing installer for state tool package manager".

It’s like a maze. If I need to install the Perl, the computer must have the State Tool first. So I went to install the State Tool. But if I want to install the State Tool, the computer must also have the State Tool first.

Hi there. Could you please share what happens when you run the installer? Does it just hang? Do you get an error? If you could share the full terminal output I might be able to help troubleshoot your issue.

You shared that it says “preparing installer for state tool package manager”, which is expected behaviour. It is effectively downloading the installer for you in the background. It could take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your connection speed.