Package Build Status is current (shows success for packages I recently marked for install)

When I try to run my script which requires these packages, it says it is missing. I checked the directories where the script trying to find in @INC contains: C:/Perl64/site/lib and C:/Perl64/lib and the package was not installed. Any clue as to why it didnt install there or wasnt installed? Any information would be helpful. I honestly miss PPM, I love PPM, it worked fast and was easy as apposed to this online package builder.

Thanks in advance…

Hi @paofue,

Thank you for writing! I’m sorry that you are missing PPM. We’ll do a better job of explaining why we replaced it with the ActiveState Platform.

It looks like you built Perl 5.28 for Linux and Windows, and installed it on Windows. Did you download and run an installer or did you use the state tool on the command line?


I am working in the Windows Environment, what do you mean state tool? I am assuming that if I add the package from the URL that once the status is complete on there that it would auto-install on my local machine. Perhaps I misunderstood the new processes. Let me know if I actually need to download an actual tool(such as PPM) for the install of the packages.


Hi @paofue,

You need to go to the Download Builds tab of your project and then download and run the installer.

Alternately, you can run this command in the Windows Command Prompt:

powershell -Command "& $([scriptblock]::Create((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))) -activate-default paofue/ActivePerl-5.28 "

Hope this helps!

I already installed ActivePerl 5.28 a while ago, how do I sync it so that it installs all the modules automatically?

Remove it, redownload, and re-install it.

There isn’t a way to sync an older build. The 5.32’s can do that using the State Tool. The latest versions of 5.28 have a State Tool installer also available, but if your build is older and was not provided through a State Tool based installer, it has no tools to add components without a remove and re-install.

Yeah, I re-installed it and I am still getting “Can’t locate Module/ …” issue even though on the AS website, under build status it says the module I need succeeded.

This is so much more time consuming than PPM. How do I sync up my local directories,etc to the AS website? Perhaps Im doing this wrong. FYI I installed the Windows version since I am on Windows.

I see Email modules there, and 5.28. Are you using the Email-Stuffer module?

We had a recent support ticket and it was found that one of the versions of Email-Stuffer for 5.28 was clobbering Module-Runtime.

The problem cleared up when the project was forced to rebuild and picked up some updates. You’re probably starting with the same broken project that triggered the ticket, so a rebuild might fix yours as well.

How do I rebuild? So a full install doesnt rebuild ActiveState Perl? The Module I am having issues with are Mail::IMAPClient (complains about IMAPClient but wouldn’t doubt if the other module will also be an issue) and Email::MIME .

Thank you for all your help and patience.


Are there any older versions I can get that are still free which uses PPM?


Hi @paofue,

If you change anything dependency in your project, that will force a rebuild.

Alternately, can I suggest trying Perl 5.32 instead. It’ll build much faster.

I’ve already created a new Prrl 5.32 project for you that includes the following packages:

  • Email-MIME
  • Mail-IMAPClient
  • Net-SMTP-TLS

You can fork the project into your own account.

Once you’ve done this, go to the Distributions tab for the project and run the command line to install the build.

After that, you can add modules on the command line quite easily by running state install.

eg. state install Dancer2 # install Dancer2

Hope this helps!

If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll record a video of the entire flow.