Msi/exe not available after build

I just posted this on stackoverflow. I hope you bring the msi/exe’s back. How else is someone supposed to install it on an offline machine? And not everyone wants this fancy state tool. Have you even tried it? It is so buggy. Just give me a simple installer of perl please. thanks

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Hi allmail,

Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback. We have had a few issues with the state tool recently but that is being addressed. Having said that the state tool provides an installation path for you with “state deploy”. Offline installations are an issue right now, so we hear your vote to bring back classic installers.



Thanks for your response. But I do have a question for you if you dont mind. Why do you take away a functional thing when you already know that its supposed replacement is not upto the task yet and you dont know when it will reach that stage.

I switched to Strawberry.

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