Active Perl offline update failed

My environment is always offline, so I want to update offline.
And installation module is not free program.

The method I tried is typing the command in the state tool.
*Below is the result of typing the command.

state update --set-channel “5.36.3”
█ Updating The State Tool
█ Something Went Wrong
x Could not retrieve update information
█ Need More Help?
• Run → state update --help for general help
• Try again, and/or try restarting State Service
• Ask For Help → State Tool - ActiveState Community

In addition,is “state-remote-installer.exe” of exe file typing only recommended for clean installs?
Is it okay to install Active Perl (5.36.3) when Active Perl (5.36.1) is already installed?

state update

Updates the State Tool to the latest available version

The State tool is independent of the Perl version. You use a different command to get Perl or update Perl, and which one you need depends on how you put the Perl onto your system.

“state-remote-installer.exe” only contains the State Tool.

The free versions depend on having internet access to run the installation or do any kind of update. Even if you download the installer exe file for the State Tool, the State Tool must have internet access when you ask it to checkout Perl.

“Is it okay to install Active Perl (5.36.3) when Active Perl (5.36.1) is already installed?”
That depends on how you put 5.36.1 on the system. If 36.1 was placed using an offline installer, the “deploy” command, or a checkout with --runtime-path flags set, you will have to remove the old version before you can place the new one. If you use the “activate” command or the checkout without options, and are online, and have upgraded the 5.36.1 project master copy on our server to 5.36.3, then you can replace only the components that have changed by using
state pull

Thank you for the comment.

As an additional question, please let me know the download URL for the paid version.

If you have Team Tier, make sure you are in the Team workspace and not your personal workspace.

Read the project description. If the Project is labeled as a “Template”, make a forked copy into a new project.

Make a change to your copy of the project. If you have the installer feature with Team Tier, a downloadable installer will be generated AFTER the rebuild completes.

The URL for the download will be different for every project, and it doesn’t exist until you make a forked copy. For more information on using installers generated with the installer feature see this: