Cannot run the state-remote-installer.exe file after the download is finished

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Sorry about that

Would you be able to try uninstalling and reinstalling?

state clean uninstall

Then try pulling it down again.

If it still does not work please turn on verbose mode and let us know what it says

set VERBOSE=true environment variable set

even I am facing the same issue

I tried all these but it did not work

What version (and feature pack) of Windows are you trying to run the installer on?

Please run
and provide us that output so we can troubleshoot

I would recommend trying again.

If that does not work try:

Run a “state clean cache” to make sure you don’t have a cached copy of the runtimes.

Run “State clean uninstall”

Try again but also increase the verbosity of these log files use the ACTIVESTATE_CLI_BUILD_VERBOSE=true environment variable