ActivePerl installation on Windows Server 2016

I’m trying to install ActivePerl on Windows Server 2016.

I created a project and the supported version includes windows2016, but during the installation I get the following error (All Windows Update etc. are applied):

ActiveState collects usage statistics and diagnostic data about failures.
By using the State Tool Package Manager you agree to the terms of ActiveState ’s Privacy Policy,
available at: Privacy Policy/Statement - ActiveState

Unfortunately State Tool is not compatible with your version of Windows.

The minimum version supported is Windows 10 build 17134.1.

Would you please tell me if there is a workaround for this?

The State Tool will not work on old Server versions.

To install directly onto Windows 2016, you need one of the older MSI installers. At this moment, those are not available for any builds newer than 5.28 and are only available with the offline installer add-on feature (Team and Enterprise).

To use the State Tool, you’ll need a staging system which connects to the internet and runs Windows 10. From the staging system, use the “state deploy” command, which gives you a relocatable Perl folder. You can then move or copy that folder from the staging system to the server. Deployed runtimes can’t use the State Tool to add or remove modules. If changes are needed, the runtime must be re-deployed.

If you chose to try this, contact to get the FAQ for the environment settings you’ll need to add manually when you move the deployed folder.

Note that mainstream support from Microsoft for Windows Server 2016 ended on January 11, 2022. Current ActiveState products, including Perl 5.32 and 5.34, are not supported on Windows 2016, even if they work there.