Add Module to Existing Perl Installation

I’m regretting upgrading perl. I’ve spent the last two hours making myself crazy. I just installed the latest perl (5.28). I just want to add a module to it. I created an account, I configured a project, I don’t want to necessarily down load and install it all again. Is there anyway I can just add the module to what I already have??? I can’t run cpan, I can’t run ‘perl -MCPAN -e install my Module’ (ppm was sooo much more friendly…) Can someone have pity on me and tell me how I can just add a module? Or maybe the ‘For Dummies Version of using state’?

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Hi arkane,

Ugh. That sounds unpleasant and certainly isn’t the experience we want you to have. Sorry about that!

At present, we build everything from source and then bundle it all together. The benefit is that you get clearer provenance of your bits. The drawback is that you can’t just grab individual modules (but we’re working on changing that.)

The best path forward at present is likely to just run:

state packages add <myModule>

See for a list of all the ways to add, search and remove modules from the command line.

Also, I’ll share your feedback with our product managers and see how we can improve the documentation.

Hello! I have a similar situation. I upgraded my ActiveState perl to fix a platform issue and now my existing scripts that automate our billing process stopped working.
I super frustrated with the state system, and I cannot get it to work.
I run the “state packages add Date-Manip” to add the one package I need.
I activate the state.
I run my script, and it says “Can’t locate Date/ in @INC

Obviously I am missing out on how to make the state system work.