Perl/Tk doesn't work

I’m getting a strange error when running this script

use warnings;
use strict;

use Tk qw{ MainLoop };

my $mw = 'MainWindow'->new;
my $b_show;
$b_show = $mw->Button(-text    => 'Show',
                      -command => sub {
                          $b_show->configure(-command => undef);
                          $mw->Button(-text    => 'Quit',
                                      -command => sub { exit })->pack;

@max2 , Thanks for posting! The team will get back to you accordingly.

That’s not a strange error if your Perl doesn’t have Tk added. It’s not a core module, so it won’t necessarily be there.

So, the first possibility is that you don’t have Tk installed.
The error message offers a related hint. Komodo is checking a Perl that is installed in d:/programfiles/Perl 64. That’s a non-standard location. Is there actually a Perl there, and does it have Tk installed in the site/lib folder? Manually check those paths out to see what you have there. If you installed Perl using the State Tool one-liner, what you may well have in that folder is just the project control YAML file.