Can't create build using latest version and older versions of Tk

Hello, I would like to install Tk to run an older perl script. I have also tried the CPAN install route for Tk and gmake fails each time. This is on Windows 11 (sigh) and a fresh install. Someone else mentioned this error about a month ago, but the comments did not clarify how it was resolved.
Because Feature|language/perl|Tk (804.034) requires Ingredient|language/perl|Tk (804.034) which depends on Feature|shared|AS-Message-try-Tkx-instead-AS (>=0), Feature|language/perl|Tk (804.034) requires Feature|shared|AS-Message-try-Tkx-instead-AS (>=0).

So, because no versions of Feature|shared|AS-Message-try-Tkx-instead-AS match >=0
and root depends on Feature|language/perl|Tk (804.034), version solving failed.

Hello! The older version may be incompatible with the new version but I’ve created a internal ticket to verify if that is the case or if it is possible.