Installation of Tkx / Tcl fails on Perl 5.32.0

With Perl 5.32.0 the installation of Tkx / Tcl fails in any Version (as package and from META.json). And I can’t see any PPM-Packages in my build (as adviced in august 2020)

Unable to Resolve Dependencies!

Here’s what happened…

Because Feature|language|perl (5.32.0) is provided by Ingredient|language|perl (5.32.0) and Ingredient|language|perl (5.32.0) depends on not Feature|builder|camel (), Feature|language|perl (5.32.0) is incompatible with Feature|builder|camel. And because Feature|shared|tkkit (1.2) requires Ingredient|shared|tkkit (1.2) which depends on Feature|builder|camel (>=0), Feature|language|perl (5.32.0) is incompatible with Feature|shared|tkkit (1.2). And because no versions of Feature|shared|tkkit match >=1.0,<1.2 || >1.2 and Ingredient|language/perl|Tcl (1.02) depends on Feature|shared|tkkit (>=1.0), Feature|language|perl (5.32.0) is incompatible with Ingredient|language/perl|Tcl (1.02). And because Feature|language/perl|Tcl (1.02) is provided by Ingredient|language/perl|Tcl (1.02) and no versions of Feature|language/perl|Tcl match !=1.02, Feature|language|perl (5.32.0) is incompatible with Feature|language/perl|Tcl. So, because root depends on both Feature|language/perl|Tcl () and Feature|language|perl (5.32.0), version solving failed.

Hi @GeraldB,

Thanks for writing! Based on the error message, it looks like you started with an older release of Perl and then changed to a newer version. There was a one-time change between Perl 5.28 on the Platform and Perl 5.32 that sometimes leads to incompatibilities.

Can you try starting with a clean Perl 5.32 build?


Hi @zakg
Thank you for answering.
But I’ve allready tried that without any change, so I dropped that new project afterwards. Today I repeated that try - new project 5.32.0 on Win10 without any “disturbing” packages and result unchanged - and kept that one for further tries as “Perl-5.32.0-Windows-Tkx”.