Failed to build plan when adding Tkx to Perl 5.36.3 (worked with 5.36.0)

When upgrading my project from Perl 5.36.0 to 5.36.3, I got build failures until I removed Tkx from my list of packages. When adding it again, I get this:

Failed to create build plan

Found unsatisfied dependency: Ingredient|language|perl (5.36.3) depends on Feature|builder|perl-core-builder (>=0)

All versions are set to Auto.

I had no issue building with this package included in Perl 5.36.0.

Thanks for any help!


Thanks for letting us know about this failure. Our build engineers have added it to their queue and will update you as to their findings.

In the meantime, you might want to try using another Tk interface, or just the original Tk itself (which does successfully build)

Hope that helps,