Problem including Module Tkx

Actually I get an error
Found unsatisfied dependency: Ingredient|language|perl (5.34.0) depends on Feature|builder|perl-core-builder (>=0)
when creating a project with Perl 5.36.0 (other versions also tested) and Tkx.
Some weeks ago, the same configuration worked well.
Can anyone fix this?


Thanks for brining this to our attention. It appears that Tkx will no longer solve for any version of Perl. Our build engineers will investigate and get back to you when they can resolve the issue.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Ruediger,
Recent imports of new versions of the Tcl helper module had a problem. We’ll get them fixed up, but in the meantime you can use the Add pane to request Tcl at exactly 1.27, and that will avoid the problem.