Tk 804.034 for Perl 5.32.1 on Windows

Hi, Any plans to fix this ? Still has lots of errors in logs when I try to add it. ie. invalid casting
Failed to build in my 5.32.0 for Windows project too.

Hi @tdsmichl,

Thanks for the report!

I’ve forked your project at the point where it failed (so we’ve got the needed error logs) and will pass it on to the dev team.


Any change here? Tk hasn’t work in 5.32 since inception.

state install Tk.

Something Went Wrong
x Failed to resolve ingredient named: Tk
x Unknown error resolving order"
x Request failed due to timeout.

@rsenright and @tdsmichl - Sorry for dropping the ball here! I’ve nudged our dev team.


Thanks…it will be nice to have available again.

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Hey @rsenright and @tdsmichl,

It looks like an issue with Tk 804.034 (and 804.035) caused build failures with newer Perl versions. 804.306 seems to address the issue and were working on adding it to the Platform now.


Tk 804.036 is now imported onto the platform and successfully builds for Windows and Linux.

Please let me know if you continue to experience any problems with it.


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Hi, was excited to try today after announcement, but it disappointed failed to attempt build on both projects…ActiveState and ActiveState
Did I do something wrong. Clicked Add Packages, Searched for ‘Tk’, Clicked Add, Clicked Done
A few minutes later it gave the, “Oops, we ran into problem, unable to resolve dependencies”
View Details did not show any errors, and no CVE report, where before there was 1 C 1H 1L that
had been reported since my last successful build. ??? what now ? Revert & wait for more fixes, or have I missed something ? Thanks

Mysteriously, I later received a notification that it had succeeded for Windows and it was now available for download. The previous list of CVEs was now down to just 1 Low for DBI.
I will retry adding Tk to the Linux project later today and will hopefully have similar success.

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I was able to get Devel::ptkdb and Tk to build on both Win and Linux.
ActiveState 725 of 727 Packages Built
ActiveState 790 of 792 Packages Built

Now only lack BerkeleyDB, DB_File (issue 7182/2)