Tkx - documentation for the Tkx released with Activestate Perl

I am trying to move from Perl Tk to the tkx implementation released with the ActivePerl 2.8 whcih is the implementation I am using. I cannot find any formal documentation. This is the best I have found

Which is pretty good. Does anyone know of anything better? My problem is I have copied examples for scrollbars on a text widget (which is somethingI should be able to do).

my $letters = $MW->new_tk__text(-width => 150, -height => 50);
my $s = $MW->new_ttk__scrollbar(-orient => ‘vertical’, -command => [$letters, ‘yview’]);
$letters->configure(-scrollcommand => [$s, ‘set’]); ← line 144

This gives me an error

unknown option “-scrollcommand” at S:\Personal Folders\Tkx\ line 144.

I’m sure this is soemthing to do with the order of the declarations but I have mimiced the given example with my own variable names e.g. $MW is my MainWindow widget

I have previously used PerTk and have Mastering Perl/Tk which was an excellent manual but he syntax is different for Tkx.

Does anyone have any advice?

Hi @DrBob62! Thanks for writing!

What happens if you use -yscrollcommand instead of -scrollcommand? It looks like there’s a possible error in that one example on TkDocs Tutorial - More Widgets, as everything else (even the other Perl example further down the page) uses -yscrollcommand instead of -scrollcommand


Lol indeed. I dug through the configure options and realised it must be a typo. Thank you for coming back. That gives me great confidence in the support. :+1: Rob

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Hey Rob – I swear that 80% of fixing bugs is just having a fresh set of eyes on a problem. :slight_smile: Thanks for writing back!

The Tkdocs site is the best set of examples and documents I know of.

Tkx itself has basically no documentation, because it is a thin wrapper. It’s so thin that there’s almost nothing unique that Tkx adds, and therefore almost no need for a man page. What exists is available via CPAN:

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