TK modules in 5.34 Perl

We are actively using TK modules in 5.10 perl and we are planning to upgrade to 5.34 Activestate Perl . Will TK modules are being supported in 5.34.1 ?
I am not able to add module and create runtime environment in Perl 5.34 . Please suggest.

We have been using following TK modules in perl 5.10

use Tk;
use Tk::DialogBox;
use Tk::HList;
use Tk::Entry;

Tk has to be added, but it is available for users to select as a custom module with 5.34.

DialogBox, HList, and Entry are all submodules defined as part of, and included inside, the basic Tk. They can’t be installed separately.

But when i add TK module package in 5.34.1 perl build . Build is sucessful . But when i download the tk module it won’t download full modules like in old perl version like 5.24 it download.

In 5.34.1 we are seeing only following tk modules =>

in 5.24 we are seeing full TK module =>

That seems like a builder side problem. We will investigate and get a ticket open for resolving it.

Please update us when the issue is resolved. We will try new Activestate build with 5.34 and check TK module is installed or not.

Is the issue resolved for 5.34 Perl module ? We need to check our script with latest version and take decision based on purchasing license.

It’s still open, and it has expanded from one ticket to four tickets to track and fix different sub-issues in making Tk work on Windows.

Can you please let us know when can we expect this issue is resolved ? We want to download 5.34 with TK module and test in our environment.

Unfortunately we can not offer estimates on free accounts as paid accounts requests get prioritized.

They are still in todo

notes for future activators: BE-2679

We’re in the process of buying the licenses for ActiveState Perl, but We need to first confirm that we can use the latest version 5.36 to replace 5.10. The major hurdle we had was to not able to build this module, due to it being removed in the latest version. If you can confirm, send steps for us to resolve this, we can go ahead with purchasing the licenses.

Any update on this question ? We want to migrate from 5.10 to 5.36.
Please update on it.

we want to purchase license hence we wanted to see if this problem will be resolved .


I tried to email you at skhondre2023 (at domain) but that is an invalid email.

Email me and we can get you into a discussion about getting assistance with 5.10 to 5.35 and getting more licenses

Hello Nicoles

We have send you official mail . Can you please check on it ? Or you send me mail on shilpa.khondre [edited]

We need to work on how to use TK module in latest Perl 5.36.

Thanks for your email! I’ve connected you with Fola so we can hopefully get you sorted

Is this solved?

I have a same issue with TK in Perl 5.36.1.
TK is listed in the packages list - but it is not installed on my system (Windows 10).

It’s not available yet.