Perl 5.32 installation for Window issue

I copy installation code and paste it in shell cmd prompt. But got stuck when promt asking for Chose Destination as below. I kept hitting Enter to accept suggested installation path but it seem doesn’t respond to my input and giving below timeout error msg.
Please help how to proceed. Thanks

║ Activating Virtual Environment ║

Choose Destination
Where would you like to place the project files for ActiveState/Perl-5.32?

Other …

Something Went Wrong
x Request failed due to timeout. Please ensure your device has access to internet during
installation. Make sure software like Firewalls or Anti-Virus are not blocking your connectivity.If your issue persists
consider reporting it on our forums at State Tool - ActiveState Community.

The installer you are using is a “bootstrap” installer.
It must have access to the internet. Are you behind a firewall or proxy server?

Thank you for reply. yes, I am. Let me see if can do something about my firewall or security check.