Error installing Perl on windows 10

I have an error when I’m using the state tool to install a Perl distribution.

I’m using:

Install via Command Line

Run in the Command Prompt

But when i copy and paste the code , I get this::

║ Activating Virtual Environment ║

Choose Destination
Where would you like to place the project files for danimera/Perl-5.32.0?

Other …

Cloning Repository
Cloning git repository at

Something Went Wrong

Hey @danimera - thanks for the report. I’ll raise your concern with the CLI team and get back to you when I have some information.


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This issue should be resolved now.

any update?
i had to change to another perl distribution

Hi @danimera – the issue should be resolved now, have you tried again? Is the issue still happening for you?

i need to try again… i will check then i will let you now

now it is working

thanks you

I have the same problem,could you help me to resolve?

I made a suggestion on your other post, where you provided more details about your issue.

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