I can't install perl

Choose Destination
Where would you like to place the project files for ActiveState/Perl-5.32?

Other …

Cloning Repository
Cloning git repository at GitHub - ActiveState/perl-5.32: Home for the Perl-5.32 install scripts

Something Went Wrong
x Cmd failure

“Where would you like to place the project files”
isn’t asking where you want to install Perl. This question is asking where you want to install the control file for downloading your Perl project with The State Tool.
It’s equivalent to when Git asks where you want your GitRepository tree to be stored on disk. A valid answer will be somewhere under your user folders, where you personally have write permissions.

You might be looking for the “state deploy” command instead, but you should review how a "deploy"ed instance operates differently from an "activate"ed instance before you do that.