Just installed perl on win10

Just installed perl in my windows 10 machine, follow the first 3 steps as I don’t need any additional package (MRTG installation). Now I am supposed to see a Perl directory on my C: directory. I can’t find perl directory where it is supposed to be. Please help.

Perl-5.36.3-Windows - monitoreodinfo-org - ActiveState Platform

The quick example on projects are targeted at users who are setting up virtual environments for personal development projects, and assume familiarity with modern dev-ops style souce code management tools and practices.
Those defaults will put the runtime into your personal user cache, and drop a project control file in the current working directory.

If you want something other than than, the State Tool has many other options documented in depth in the online manuals for the State Tool.

The most frequent missed detail is that there is an important distinction between the location of your Project Control file (which can be set with a command option) and the location of your Runtime (which is set with a flag instead).