I Need You to Delete my account please

I used to love your product, but since you have switched to this state tool, it seems like EVERY SINGLE TIME i try to get something done in Perl, I spend more time FIGHTING you dumb online system, than actually writing perl. I tried to install ‘Switch’ (state install switch)… SOMEHOW this initiated an entire source rebuild, which means i could use it for 15 mins… and then once it was done, and Switch was installed, I STILL CANT USE THE F-ING SWITCH STATEMENT!!! WTF!!! PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT. I am switching to Strawberry Perl. Goodbye.

Hey @arm1975 — sorry to hear you’re having trouble. When you say it wasn’t working — are you saying that you had a build error on ‘Switch’ or that even though it successfully install Switch you couldn’t use it?

If you have the project you were working on, we can take a look at the build error for you.

Think of the state tool like using cpanm, except instead of needing to have the entire build toolchain on your local machine, it’s done remotely on the platform for you, and in many cases the result will be cached so you won’t have to build it at all.