How to uninstall Perl 5.32 beta

This new perl is a nightmare. How can I remove the 5.32 beta install? I’ve been using activestate perl for over 15 years. A number of critical modules that I rely on, like TK, don’t build. even when using my account, I am not authorized to add modules from the command line. I’m very disappointed.

The paradigm of ppm for updates and perlex to prepare executables was fabulous, easy and reliable.
I’m all for progress, but the changes don’t make sense from a developers standpoint.

Who exactly was clamoring for changes to make activestate perl unusable?

Hi Dsporkin.
Hate to hear you’re running into issues, but happy to help work them out for you.

What OS and version of the state tool are you running? Mind sharing it along with your project URL? You absolutely should be able to state install somemodule and it should work with our without an account. Wondering if maybe you need to run a state update.

And yes PPM was amazing while it was maintainable, unfortunately it is no longer maintainable and doesn’t work for the other languages we offer.

windows 10 pro 20h2,

notice it does not include tk, I gave up and just kept removing
modules until I got a working system. I finally got a successful build on the web site.

state update returns the helpful message:
“something went wrong, update failed”

state deploy monarch-software/ returns the helpful message:
“something went wrong, installation failed.”

State activate returns the helpful message:
"Something Went Wrong
x Could not activate project. If this is a private project ensure that you are authenticated. - I am
x The build for your project defined at: is not building correctly.
Error message recieved was: Recipe build failed: 1 build step failed. Please correct by visiting the above link. - The build worked

These were both from a command prompt.
I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Can you please help me clean this out?
I’m trying to be polite about this.

Thanks for the details. Sorry! Forgot to answer your original question.

state clean is what you’re after

state clean uninstall is the nuclear option that will get rid of everything…

state clean --help has other options as well.