Does Perl for ISAPI still exist?

Is perl for isapi still a thing? It is in the documentation, but i can neither find an install option not an perlIS.dll.

Background is that I need quicker interaction with Apache2, cgi-script handler is painfully slow.

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PerlIS does not, and has not really, been usable since about 2012. PerlIS wouldn’t help you with Apache anyway. It’s IIS only; for Apache the equivalent was mod_perl, which is also dead for similar reasons.

The Perl ISAPI interface was designed when Perl was single threaded. (5.6) All the documentation and installation scripts were written for IIS 5 and updated once for IIS 6.

Starting at 5.8 the Perl core gets threads, and every release after that gets better at managing Perl threads. A threaded Perl process is needs to be run under it’s own control.

IIS 6 starts to implement tighter controls on the processes it runs, and each release after that gives less and less allowance for a threaded process to start up or shut down under it’s own control.

By Perl 5.14 the instability is noticeable, but it’s still just barely safe to use in Production. After that, it becomes so unstable that we described it as “experimental”.

Until recently, we had to keep some of these unstable and unusable components in the ActiveState installers because they would not assemble or install without them. That’s not the case now, and most of the latest installers are free of this old cruft.

Thanks for the roundup.

Compiled mod_perl is indeed hard to come by, latest for Perl 5.26 and Apache 2.4.34, pretty stable but sadly not current.

So I guess, only option is something like Thrall behind a proxy.