Perl 5.26.3 not having perlSE dll missing

Is any one help on this how i can include and install perlSE dll in my new perl 5.26 installer.

PerlSE has been deprecated. If you have an application that requires the use of the ActiveScripting engine in Windows, the last remaining language you can use with that engine is Visual Basic.

PerlSE has serious problems if the Perl is threaded and the Windows processes that manage PerlSE are also managing process exit and cleanup.

All Perls since 5.8 are threaded. PerlSE begins to destabilize at 5.10 as Perl adds more threading control into the Perl core, and PerlSE becomes increasingly unstable as every version improves Perl’s ability to manage it’s own threads. 5.14 is the last ActivePerl at which PerlSE was still stable enough for production use. 5.16 and higher should be considered for “experimental” use only. PerlSE remained in ActivePerl for later versions because our older installers used it. Once we changed our installers, we were able to remove PerlSE.

If you have Team or Business Tier you could use Perl 5.14, but you will still find that 5.14 and lower perform much better on versions of Windows that are less capable with threads, such as Windows 2003/IIS 6. Even 5.14 will show problems if you use it on Windows 2008 and higher.