Perlscript in classic ASP on Windows Server 2016, IIS10

I’ve inherited an old site running ASP with embeded perlscript in IIS7 on Windows Server 2008. Everything works fine there but for obvious reasons I need to get this migrated to Windows Server 2016.

Recently, I installed ActivePerl 5.28 on a Win2016 Server but I just can’t seem to be able to get PerlScript to work in IIS10. Running scripts for the command prompt is fine so far.

The 5.28 documentation says running the installer without admin privileges causes issues such as:

  • PerlScript file associations are not created
  • The PerlScript feature will be unavailable

but the installer was run as an administrator, and yet the feature and associations are not there.

Has anyone managed to successfully get PerlScript in Classic ASP code to work on Windows Server 2016 with a recent version of an ActivePerl installer?


Hi @crolguvar, Thank you for using the Forums. We will look into this and advise accordingly.

The current versions of ActivePerl no longer provide the components that your old site used. They are deprecated.

To get those components, you will need a Team or Business subscription with access to the back catalog. PerlSE starts to destabilize at 5.10 and by 5.16 it is no longer stable enough for production usage.

Our 5.14 (and older) installers are end of life, and they were not supported for use on Server 2016. IIS8+ isn’t supported for the older versions of ActivePerl either. You might be able to make it work, but you’ll have to work out how to set it up on your own based on the old examples and documentation for IIS 5 and 6. You will also need to add components to IIS itself, as modern versions do not install the libraries needed for Classic ASP sites.

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