Run perl as CGI in IIS 10.0

How to run perl scripts as CGI in browser thru IIS ? (need detailed steps)

Using Win Server 2016 with IIS 10.0 and ActiveState Perl 5.28 developer edition (details about the packages and modules mentioned in this file)

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General support for Perl isn’t something we offer on this forum. However, one of our staff did write a blog post on this topic back in 2010: Setting up IIS for ActivePerl | ActiveState

However, it’s probably dated, so you’re probably better off searching for something like “Perl CGI IIS 10.0 tutorial” in your favorite search engine.


Thank you. I couldn’t find the tool named “ap-iis-config” mentioned on the blog. Secondly, where can I get general support ?

Need to check if CGI is supported on ActiveState Perl free developer edition.

The post was written over a decade ago and it’s possible that the resources mentioned aren’t available. I’d suggest and Newest 'perl+cgi' Questions - Stack Overflow as better starting points.

Checking on this forum, someone with a similar need received this response. However, the recommendation is to use something more modern than CGI.

Good luck!