Perl version for IIS7

I am new to HTML5. Some of the exercises require me to have, echo.CSS and perl.png.
Also I want to set up IIS7 with Perl. I downloaded and installed PerCritics but I don’t think that is the right version. Which version I need to install please?

Perl Critic is a code Style-Checker tool. It won’t be much use unless you have to adhere to code readability or stylistic requirements for work or a shared community project.

Perl itself is run from the command line or from scripts. There isn’t a GUI editing environment for Perl unless you add one separately.

Perl versions probably matter less than you think. The old manuals document processes that are no longer allowed by Windows, so you have manual actions to set this up.

IIS7 will not let the ActivePerl installer configure it. You have to manually set up the CGI handlers. But first, you’ll probably have to install the Microsoft addon software before IIS will even let you run CGI.,the%20Results%20page%2C%20click%20Close.

The Perl side of the CGI pairing has been removed from the Perl core, and is officially “discouraged”. You can still add the CGI module if it’s not in the version you have, and then follow old online documents for setting the IIS handlers.