Downloading active state perl

I am trying to download active state Perl on windows 11 and I am not getting anywhere! I have tried everything I know to do. Any help would be great


Welcome to the ActiveState Community! And thanks for your question, but it would be helpful if you could provide more information about the errors/error messages you are seeing.

Referring to your ActiveState Platform account, it appears that you are trying to install Perl 5.32. On Windows 11, you should be able to:

  1. Open a CMD window
  2. Paste the following command into the CMD window and hit return:
    powershell -Command "& $([scriptblock]::Create((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('')))" -c'state activate --default Ratackl69/Perl-5.32'

This should kick off a download and installation of Perl 5.32 into a virtual environment on your system. If this is not happening, please copy the error message you are seeing and reply to this message with it.

C:\Users\wendi>perl C:\perl_test\ > C:\perl_test\perl_output.html

Can’t locate in @INC (you may need to install the CGI module) (@INC contains: c:/Users/wendi/AppData/Local/activestate/cache/12742614/site/lib c:/Users/wendi/AppData/Local/activestate/cache/12742614/lib) at C:\perl_test\ line 4.

BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at C:\perl_test\ line 4.

This is the error message I received today. Please advise. Thank you this is for a college project. Thank you so much

If you’re working from older instructions, they may be assuming that the CGI module is a core module and will always be present in every Perl. Starting at 5.22, that is not the case. The Perl community removed CGI from the core because they want to encourage users to adopt better modern Perl Web Frameworks instead of CGI.
It’s still possible to put CGI into the latest Perls, but you have to specifically add it.

You might want to try putting the project on Linux/Apache, or if it needs to be Windows, consider using a prepared server stack like XAMPP on Windows. Making CGI pages run with a modern Perl on a modern version of Windows is a task which can stump professionals.