Install Older Version of ActivePerl


I am interested in using the older version of ActivePerl so I can run an older program. It has not been updated for the new ActivePerl. When I try to run it, it asks to find the app on my computer which isn’t there since ActivePerl is now run through the command script. Is there a way to download an older version of the ActivePerl that is an app on your computer? Or a way to open this program in command script? Thank you.

Introducing the old type of Perl. But this is a windows msi. Moreover, there is no support. Some commands are not supported. If you don’t mind, use it until a new one comes out. However, I do not take any responsibility. thank you.
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The EULA for ActivePerl does not permit providing the installer for other users.

Are you by chance able to provide the installer then, or point us to an archive of installers for working with older programs?


Old installers have been behind pay walls since 2010. Since downloadable installers have no technology that prevents them from being redistributed, they are currently only available to the tier that allows potential redistribution.

(See the detailed features for Enterprise Tier)


I’m new to the whole ‘ActiveState Platform’ thing… but fro reading the earlier parts of this thread, does that mean that ActiveState no longer provides/supports anything other than ‘paid products’?

I have been using ‘ActivePerl’ for many years, both at home and at work and have developed a lot of tools… but it now appears I cannot use the products under a ‘Community Supported’ -type of thing.

Is this right?


Ok, what I have been using in no more:-


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