Pre-built ActivePerl zip file version for Windows 10

Hello! Is there a zip file version available for ActivePerl that I can download for Windows 10 (64bit)? I would like a zip file version because I don’t have admin privileges on my Windows 10 machine to execute any .exe, .msi, or powershell command. Thanks in advance!

Hi @lkam – welcome! If you’re looking for the zip installer and aren’t able to use 5.32 (which does require powershell to install), you can likely get a version of 5.28 here:

If you look below the download buttons, you can see that there is a .zip file installer available to download. Hope that helps!

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Hi @peteg - Thank you for your reply. I clicked on the link you provided but there was no link for the zip file version. Below is a screen capture of what I see on that page. Is it possible if you post the actual URL/link to the zip file version? Thank you so much for your help!