ActiveState Perl 5.26 msi

I have tried to install ActivePerl 5.26 and 5.28. For 5.26 the installation just hangs after about 10 minutes and never completes. For 5.28 the installer fails and says that it cannot complete a recipe.

Are there any unpublished prerequisites or other issues that need to be addressed before installing this product?

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For any of the installers that are available anonymously, you need internet access, and a proxy server or firewall can be problematic. If you have ActiveDirectory services managing your Windows ID, or a Security Suite, you might also have a problem with being able to install from temporary folders.

Some of these issues can be avoided by signing up for an account, and downloading one of the installers from the Featured Projects available to account holders, instead of the anonymous downloads.

If you have a Security Suite running, you might need to disable that for either form of our installers, and some features of either installer type will only work if your ID has Administrator priviledge.

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The featured installers seemed to be a PowerShell script. Is that correct?

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The State Tool installer is a PowerShell script.
The anonymous downloads for ActivePerl are driven by the State Tool, so the first step is a PowerShell script to install The State Tool.

The installers for “Featured Projects” of ActivePerl itself are either MSI, EXE, or zip format.

Featured Projects are only visible to users who are signed in to an account.

So, to get Pel 5.26 with the two packages I need I need to create an activestate configuration here, add the packages and then download the installer for my needs?

For a 5.26; yes.

If you’re on Enterprise tier, you could get a customized build maintained by ActiveState. On other tiers, the customizations for installers are self-serve.

With 5.32 there are some additional options allowing The Platform to build the module and the State Tool to then download it to an installed 5.32. It works best with 5.32 because 5.32 is engineered from the ground up to use The State Tool in a virtual environment. Older versions like 5.26 were released before The State Tool could provide that functionality and they work better for use cases involving global deployment rather than virtual environments.