Debugging child processes spawned by Parallel::ForkManager

I have attempted to use ActiveState Perl 34.0 Parallel::ForkManager initially in Windows 11 (did not succeed) and subsequently in WSL2 Ubuntu 20.04 (succeeded but further debugging remains). Are there special Perl debugger commands /approaches for debugging child processes spawned by Parallel::ForkManager’s start and next?


ActiveState imports Perl modules from CPAN (and other public repositories) and rarely modifies them. For example, we may apply publicly available patches if warranted, but AFAICT that is not the case with version 2.02 used in your ItemAPI-Return project.

Can you can share any specific error messages?

Thanks for your help. My issue likely stems from the idiosyncrasies of WSL2 as a Linux environment.
Print statements from child processes needed some tty setup and the WSL2 xterm configuration remains something of a mystery to me (e.g. default font size needs scaling on a high def screen).
I’m following this StackOverflow thread as one approach.
How to Debug Perl Scripts that Fork
Thanks again,
Wil Blake

Hi @wilb. So, how it is going? Following this approach has been working for you or not.

Hello bagginstyrone,
I have made progress with WSL2 Ubuntu, Xterm, and the ActiveState Perl 5.34 Perl Debugger. Idiosyncrasies with WSL2 Xterm meant that the Xterm windows require resizing and new fonts to remain usably visible. Each child process created its own Xterm. I have to work on switching between child Xterms. I would prefer to use a native Linux or perhaps a traditional VM guest instead of WSL2.
( I could not get the Komodo Remote Perl Debugging to work with Child processes and WSL2 Ubuntu - the app crashed. I could not get Komodo Linux to work in WSL2 Ubuntu- the main pulldown menus didn’t function. )
Wil Blake