State Tool in Mingw or WSL2 Linux

Has anyone used State Tool under Mingw or Windows WSL2 Ubuntu ? Alternatively, an State Tool include a zsh or bash environment for ActiveState languages?
Thank you,
Wil B.

For what it’s worth, I use the state tool under WSL1 Ubuntu regularly without issues. My need for WSL1 versus 2 is unrelated to the state tool, but I would expect it to work in that environment as well.

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Thank you, gboyce.
That remains very encouraging. I will get the State Tool going in WSL2 after an upgrade to Windows 2. If it goes well I will try to setup Windows Komodo remote connection to the Active State Project in Ubuntu.

Motivation : I spend alot of time in State Tool Projects fumbling through CMD.exe commands and prefer a better shell. I’m unsure about PowerShell compatibility with the State Tool, one post indicated that State Tool Perl Projects must activate from CMD.exe.

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It worked the first time as you said. I only had to update the ActiveState Project to include Linux.
Thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice when tools work as or better than expected.

Have you tried Komodo and a WSL GUI or Desktop manager? I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and will try Komodo under WSL2 there.