Can I install a single package ? or I would need to add packages to an existing project and rebuilt?

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I have created a (perl) project with the required packages, download and installed the project to my server. Having said that, should I eventually need additonal packages (e.g., REST::CLIENT etc), how and/or is there a way to just download a package and install it on my server or should I go back to the “project”, add packages that I need, rebuild the project then download the project and re-install perl? (just worried if the latter, it may have an impact to other packages that were part of the original build).

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The simplest way to add another package is just to use the State Tool (installed on your system when you installed your project) to install it:

state install

This command will:

  1. Update your project on the ActiveState Platform with a version of the new package that is compatible with the rest of the packages in your project
  2. Automatically build the package and its dependencies
  3. Install the package locally on your system, along with its dependencies

You can find out more about using the State Tool here: State Tool CLI :: ActiveState Platform Documentation

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