Perl Newbie trying to get the install configured and working like the 5.24 version

I am pretty much a Perl newbie. Our current environment has 5.24. I am working on a server upgrade. I downloaded and installed 5.26 from the community. All I want to do is simple add two packages to my installation so I can assure the Perl scripts that currently exist can just work.

It seems unusual to me that I have to create a project in the cloud just to run Perl scripts on my local machine with a specific package.

The two packages of interest are

  • Mail-Sendmail
  • Capture-Tiny

How can I get my environment setup to just simply run the existing scripts and have the packages I need?

Hi @RobertAttaway,

Thanks for writing!

TLDR; I put a quick build together for you with just the packages you mentioned. You can grab installers at

If you need to add other packages, you can fork the project and then easily make your own builds.

So, the longer answer is that the ActiveState Platform doesn’t install packages for the community version of Perl. It’s meant to make it easy to create custom distributions for Perl and other languages.

If it seems a bit odd to create a project in the cloud for your use case, perhaps it is. We built the Platform to make life a lot easier for teams working with complicated builds in multi-platform, multi-language situations.

However, it should still be easy enough to use for cases like yours.