ActiveState Python-32


I recently signed up to test the ActiveState Python for a legacy Windows application. The application however requires Python 2.7.x built for 32-bit (due to interfacing with .pyd libraries) but I only have access to 64-bit builds of ActiveState Python. Do ActiveState maintain or can I configure a 32-bit branch?

Secondly, is there any guidance for installing ActiveState Python for a user like a normal Python distribution e.g. in C:\Python27 rather than in a virualenv, so it could work as a drop-in replacement?



Welcome to the ActiveState Community! As you’re aware, Python 2 has been EOL for more than 2 years now, and is no longer supported by the community. The good news is that ActiveState continues to provide support for Python 2, however, given the EOL status, it is offered only as a premium/paid for product.

The offering can accommodate both a global installation and 32-bit installs.

If you’re interested, you can find out more here: Python 2.7: Extended Support Past Python 2 EOL - ActiveState


I already have a community instance. I was asking how to obtain a win32 version of it; and instructions for a global install.

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To obtain a win32 version of Python 2.7 that can be installed globally, please contact Sales: Contact Sales - ActiveState