Support for Python 3.12

Question: When will Python 3.12 be supported in ActiveState?

Challenge(s): There are at least two challenges this creates

  • Cannot access new features/functionality in libraries
    The current Python release as of this entry is 3.12. There are a few libraries which offer new or corrected functionality based on Python 3.12. An example is the Pathlib which supports a directory walk feature as of 3.12.

  • No new bug fix releases for the available ActiveState versions of Python
    The last Python release 3.11.9 supported by ActiveState had its final bug fix release as of 04/02/2024.
    PEP 664 – Python 3.11 Release Schedule |

Sorry it is in the Platform but it’s not marked stable yet (in our system) so it’s not available in your account.

In the interim can I add it as a fork to one of your projects or a new project so you can get started since it is already in the platform?

Can we create a new project in my account with the latest version of Python?
We will place a note on it that it is in beta, not yet stable, and not available for production use :smile: .

Going forward will ActiveState consider a mechanism to request releases in beta/alpha to test with?
(I assume there will need to be some disclaimer that the release is in beta and is not recommended for production project etc.)

Created and building, we have considered a way to opt into unstable but it has not yet been a request we get more than once a year so it has not yet been high on the feature request list!