Open source hosting

Is ActivePython 2.7 hosted on any open source repositories, such as Debian, Conda, Homebrew, or Macports?


You can find it on GitHub here: public GitHub repo

Okay, thanks. Is ActivePython 2.7 hosted on any other open source repositories that are independent from ActiveState? Are there any besides ActiveState who provide independent builds for various platforms?

No. Python 2.7 is available in many places. “ActivePython 2.7” hasn’t existed since 2018, because that is a fork that ActiveState maintained. Our licensing prohibited anyone else from hosting our fork.

Note that “ActivePython” is a different thing from “ActiveState Python”.

In 2018 we stopped forking our own versions. Since then, every ActiveState Python uses the reference version of the Python source code.

The reference version of Python is available from

Thank you! That answers my questions, especially about the licensing. I am seeking an open licensed python 2.7 that is maintained beyond the 2018 reference version. If you know of any such version from any source, please let me know.

As far as I know, we are the only source for that. We don’t post the extended support version of 2.7 even on GitHub because that is only available to Enterprise Tier with the optional support coverage we offer on 2.7.
The source code for extended support builds is available to customers with that feature set through an API on The Platform.