Public Download for ActiveState TCL again

some time ago, I asked for a publicly available download of ActiveTCL (Public download of ActiveStateTCL - #16 by chrisbra), that we can make use for the vim/vim-win32-installer project to compile against.

Thanks to the help of the ActiveState we were able to provide and compile vim against those interfaces, unfortunately, those downloads vanished again.

So would it be possible to give us access again? We would need 32bit and 64bit downloads.

Thank you :pray:


Thanks for the heads up. We are currently in the process of shutting down (where the versions of Tcl used to be hosted) and hosting them on instead.

I can verify that the 64 bit installer for Tcl can be downloaded here: ActiveTcl 8.6 (note that an ActiveState Platform account is required)

ActiveState is currently not planning to create a 32-bit installer for recent versions of ActiveTcl. The 32-bit installer you would have obtained from back in September of 2020 would be the latest version.

Hope that helps,

sorry, I did not notice any replies here :frowning:

So It seems I can download Active TCL 8.6.11 x64, even without logging in to ActiveState but I suspect some problems when trying to do this automatically as part of the CI process on Github because of the various AWS parameters. It would be worth a try.

But for the 32bit versions, I couldn’t find a download link. What would be the last version and where would I find a link to download?



I’ve sent you an invitation to join the ActiveState Labs organization from where you download the ActiveTcl-8.6.10-Win 32-bit runtime.

Thank you danac,
but am I looking wrong or is download link only 64bit again? I am guessing from the name MSWin32-x64*.msi?


After much investigation, it appears that you already have access to our latest 32-bit build for Tcl – ActiveTcl 8.5 on your ActiveState account. Note that that version does not officially support Windows 10 (only Win8 and Win7).

As I stated previously, we are currently not creating new 32 bit versions.

Hope that helps clarify things.