Public download of ActiveStateTCL

we have been providing compiled binaries of the latest Vim versions at github in the vim/vim-win32-installer project (sorry, I am not allowed to link here apparently)

For that, we in general try to enable all interfaces like ruby, perl, python2/3, and tcl. For that we need to download the interpreter locally, in order to have in the configure step find and link in the interface definitions. Note, that we do not distribute those interpreters, we just need to download those for building our binaries.

Now, for about 2 days, the download of ActiveStateTCL fails with connection reset error. It looks like, there is not a general public download site anymore that we can use? I tried to download locally, but it requires to create a new account on which then forks the latest ActiveTCL into your local account?

Would it be possible to provide general downloads for a case like mine described? In the current way, it does not look like it’s possible to download new ActiveTCL releases automatically.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for writing! As a Vim user myself (though not on Windows in > 20 years) , I’m sure that we can help. :smiley:

We can help you set up a project and then expose a public download URL for it, so that you can just reference it in your appveyor.yml just as you have been doing (assuming that I’ve correctly understood that things are about as simple as modifying

Do you have a list of the packages that you need the TCL distribution or do you just need the language core?

Great news. I believe we have just used the language core. Previously used URLS were:

e.g. for 32bits we downloaded:
and for 64 bit it was
ActiveTcl- (need to skip the URL, as I am only allowed to post 2 URLs here)

If we could have an updated version available again, that would be greatly appreciated!

I know TCL 8.6.6 isn’t the latest version and we are certainly not bound to that specific version, but we haven’t yet tried, whether more updated versions build correctly.


Hey Chris,

I’ve set up a vim-win32 organization and created a build for Tcl 8.6.10. If you sign up for the Platform, I can add you to the org so that you get permission to edit the build (or create new ones.)

While we work on the public download bit, I’ll send you a build to try.

Thanks, very much appreciated!

@chrisbra - I’m heading out for my night. I’ll tag in our CTO @scottr. If things aren’t working out, please let us know.

Thanks for everything. Now if we could also have 32bit builds besides the 64bits that would be awesome. It looks like I only see 64bit build. Or did I miss something?

No worries! I’ll see what we can do for 32 bit builds.

I just tried using the URLs from vim-win32 organization. It looks like the URLs contain some parameters, that make it invalid after some time. So if I try to download it now, I again get a 403, I suppose this is caused by some of the AWS parameters in the URL. In addition, there are several special characters in the URL, that apparently need to be url-encoded in order to make curl download the package correctly. Now I can fix that in the batch script, but some easy public URL would be preferred.

Good Morning, Chris!

We’re working on a sensible public URL for you to use.

Thanks and I apologize, in case I was pushing too much.

I appreciate your work done here

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Don’t worry at all! And please feel free to push.

This case is important and should be easy for us to support, but we haven’t prioritized it yet and a bit of pushing from the outside can help us stay focused. :slight_smile:

Second that! Supporting OS communities is a top priority for us.

By the way catching up on this thread and just realized this started because of the unplanned down time to a service that’s eventually scheduled to be decommissioned ( Everything is transitioning to our build on demand platform, and will eventually decommissioned (just not today).

Sounds like to help the community we’ll need to make the Platform Curl Friendly (something on our roadmap) but worth repeating.

I’ll also note, we’ve created a command-line client called the State Tool that you can use in your automated scripts to retrieve artifacts from our platform. Happy to connect to discuss how to use it.

coming back to this, it seems like the download links vanished again. Is it possible to resurrect it? ping @zakg