Windows activeState install module by ppm install MaxMind::DB::Writer is fail please someone help me

i need to install module MaxMind::DB::Writer
i install by command ppm install MaxMind::DB::Writer computer is download packet but can’t install
computer is show message
"Updating Runtime
Changes to your runtime may require some dependencies to be rebuilt.

MaxMind-DB-Writer includes 14 dependencies, for a combined total of 112 new dependencies.
├─ MaxMind-DB-Common (35 dependencies)
├─ Digest-SHA1
├─ Data-Dumper-Concise
├─ Data-IEEE754
├─ Sereal-Decoder
├─ Net-Works (18 dependencies)
├─ MooseX-StrictConstructor (26 dependencies)
├─ Math-Int128
├─ Test-Deep
├─ Moose (21 dependencies)
├─ MaxMind-DB-Reader (40 dependencies)
├─ namespace-autoclean (9 dependencies)
├─ Sereal-Encoder
└─ MooseX-Params-Validate (25 dependencies)
Building 112/112
Installing 28/112 [=========>----------------------------] 25 %
Unpacking DateTime-Locale 516.1KB/674.3KB [============================>---------] 77 %
Unpacking DateTime-TimeZone 213.0KB/912.4KB [========>-----------------------------] 23 %
Installing Dist-CheckConflicts 4/4 [======================================]
Error writing log message: write C:\Users\OWEN\AppData\Roaming\activestate\cli-release\state-8784.log: file already closBuilding 112/112
Installing 112/112

Something Went Wrong
x Could not install dependencies
x Not all artifacts could be installed:
Build failed with error message: One or more artifacts failed to build or were skipped. :: Failed to build
“MaxMind-DB-Writer@0.300003”, error reported: Builder returned with exit code 255.

Need More Help?
• Run → state install --help for general help
• Visit the Forum → State Tool - ActiveState Community

Something Went Wrong
x Errors occurred while invoking State Tool command: state install MaxMind::DB::Writer

Need More Help?
• Run → state --help for general help
• Visit the Forum → State Tool - ActiveState Community

PPM is no longer supported, and is incompatible with all ActivePerls that you can still get for free.

The main issue I see in your project is that you have OS X.
The Platform does not support customization on OS X for 5.28, and 5.32 is not yet available for OS X.